Coastal Kicks Soccer
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Coastal Kicks Soccer is a youth soccer training and development company offering programs throughout the year to the communities of North Florida and surrounding region.

*All training sessions are conducted by professional, experienced and certified adult soccer coaches and trainers. 

Our objective is to provide the youngest players a proper introduction to soccer and older players the highest level developmental training. 

* Works to directly impact and improve a players technical and tactical development as well as improve an individuals overall athleticism.

* Proper Balance between training sessions and games.

* Provide a spectrum of training options including individual, team, group, specialized and position specific.

* Multiple area locations and seasonal options.

* Emphasizes both soccer skills & personal development. Children develop healthy exercise habits, learn sportsmanship and gain a decided advantage and head start.

* Coastal Kicks Soccer follows the guidelines and rules set forth by the governing bodies of US Soccer
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