"Thank you so much for everything you do! My son had a wonderful time last night and can't wait to play next Wednesday. I truly appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm out on the field. He enjoyed everything from the dribbling drills to playing the 3 vs 3 game. A sincere thank you to Coach Mike for paying close attention to each child and his encouraging words and actions. Looking forward to next Wednesday!"
Kay Shah (Mother of 7 year old boy)
"Coastal Kicks is the perfect introduction to soccer.  The coaches teach
soccer skills in small steps through fun and engaging games which are tailored to the varying age groups. I loved watching my daughter gain confidence in both herself and her ability to play the game. From the time commitment to the level of competition, Coastal Kicks is focused the enjoyment of the game."
Mary-Lauren Eubank
Owner/Lead Instructor of Jax Stroller Strength/Mother of two

"We are grateful for the job you do with the kids; it is so valuable and important to learn how to do sports without having to compete all the time! To play and have fun is the best way a child can learn in life! I really hope Coastal Kicks will expand and become nation wide! All children should have the opportunity to move their body and feel how great it is!"

Christina Sundal, M.D
Specialist in Neurology

Mattias Ahlden, M.D
Specialist in Orthopedic surgery and Sports Medicine

(Mother and father of private school participant)

I wanted to send a quick note thanking you for everything you do for Coastal Kicks and my daughter.  Tonight was amazing.  On Monday she and I practiced the same exact thing you taught them tonight.  She got frustrated but I had her do it and I showed her how helpful it can be to keep the ball away from opponents.  I like to tell her that football takes practice.  We use our hands regularly; mastering control over a ball with our feet takes practice.

Thank you!

Mother (7 yr old - Jacksonville Beach)
"Children are constantly engaged and excited about learning more about the sport through innovative games and activities."
D.M. Jacksonville (Mother 8 year old girl)
"The means of teaching soccer skills are creative. The instructor is extremely knowledgeable about the sport and explains skills well on the children's level."
J.P. Jacksonville (Father 11 year old boy)
"The private training my son received was great. Not only did his skills improve and understanding of the game but so did his confidence on the field. The coach was excellent at teaching skills as well as demonstrating."
G.B. Jacksonville (Father 13 year old boy)
"I liked the small groups, age appropriate games, and their emphasis on the fundamentals."
K.M. St Augustine (Father 5 year old boy)
"I really liked the fact that it was very technical and kids learn how to play the right way."
B.L. Atlantic Beach(Mother 8 year old girl)

"The children seemed to really enjoy themselves..., very releaxed with great coaches."

L.S.  Jacksonville Beach (Mother, 5 year old twin boys)


"The private training my son received from Coastal Kicks gave him the boost to make the higher division travel team at spring try-outs.  They focused on areas he lacked and made it fun."

A.D. Jacksonville (Father 10 year old boy)


"Amazing how well coach had the attention of all the Kids! ..., always fun!"

B. D. Jacksonville Beach (mother 4 year old boy)


"The games and drills were clever and moved quickly into real games that the kids understood and learned from."

K.G. Jacksonville

(father 10 and 12 year old boys)



"Staff was awesome! I loved that they taught the ideas of soccer and it wasn't so super competitive like other programs."

T.L.  St. Augustine (mother 6 year old girl)


"Every Kid gets involved, commands are basic enough for kids to follow and timing is just right."
E.S. Atlantic Beach (Mother 4 year old girl)

"...fun, positive atmosphere for the kids. Time frame was great."

T.S. Jacksonville

(father 6 yr old girl & 8 yr old boy)



"Great age level connection with players that kept them engaged."
P.M. Jacksonville (Father 4 year old boy)
"The program seems to be based on improving skills and having fun, not competition. Very good for the ages"
J.K. Jacksonville Beach (mother 4 year old twins)
"The instruction by coaches was top notch. The way basic skills were taught using games kept them interested. I really felt my kids benefited from the program."
L.J. Jacksonville (Father 10 year old boy & 12 year old girl)
"Location and time frame was great for us. Good to see young kids learning to work together."
L.M. Atlantic Beach (Mother 3 year old boy)
Thank you for being so flexible with us.  Our Daughter loves soccer and we are so thankful for your program and the way you guys coach and care about the kids. See you Saturday for her game! 
              Mother in Ponte Vedra, Daughter is 7