Coastal Kicks Sponsors

Coastal Kicks Soccer
is excited to announce their sponsorship from WHATABURGER!! 
WHATABURGER has locations throughout Jacksonville and several close to our Coastal Kicks Soccer practice locations including Neptune Beach, Fleming Island, Phillips Hwy and more! 

WHATABURGER will also be working with Coastal Kicks Soccer to provide a scholarship each season and work towards additional scholarships and lowering sports costs for our children!

Stop by a WHATABURGER location close to you. OPEN 24hours a day!!

is Coastal Kicks Soccer's
 newest uniform sponsor! Currently Gambeta is exclusively available only to
Coastal Kicks Soccer in the USA. Gambeta Sport provides top quality uniforms to professional and amateur adult and youth teams in Venezuela, Panama, and Columbia.

GAMBETA will be supplying Coastal Kicks Soccer uniforms to all youth programs recreational and competitive as well as all Coaching and Staff gear!!

Look for GAMBETA USA!!

At A New Way Healthcare our mission is to serve others by providing consistent, compassionate care.  
 This means we truly want to get to know you and address all your health concerns. We want to give you time to talk to your provider without feeling rushed, time to delve in to the root cause of a health problem, and the the ability to reach your provider on your time.

2380 South 3rd St.  Suite 1 Jacksonville Beach, Fl. 32250 | 904-299-0373

FITTEAM is  proud to be supporting Coastal Kicks. 

FITTEAM has only 3 products and they are the ONLY products like this on the market.  (They are all child friendly.)

-USDA Certified Organic 
-Gluten- Free 
-Soy- Free 

FITTEAM is also BSCG Certified. This means it is safe and tested for Athletes to use. We have partnerships with the PGA and MLB. (

All 3 products come individually packaged and are easy to take anywhere! 

1.FIT is a great tasting, all-natural beverage with a revolutionary blend of USDA Certified Organic ingredients that boost your energy, lift your mood, control your appetite and aid in fat loss. 
2.HYDRATE is an all-natural and delicious way to restore your balance and feel your best by replenishing your body through optimal hydration! Designed for everyone in the family to enjoy! (T1D kids will LOVE this, it is a great choice, with only 10 calories, 2g of organic sugar and no chemicals or artificial ingredients!)
3. LEAN is a delicious vanilla-flavored, protein powder that promotes lean muscle, supports a healthy metabolism, aids in weight management, increases energy and boosts stamina.

Feel free to reach out to Falyn Shilts at 954-770-2066  if you have any questions about the products as she is also a Type One Diabetic and has had tremendous results with FITTEAM. Check out the website here:                954-770-2066 or
Coastal Kicks will like to WELCOME its newest sponsor Henley & Kelly Comestic Family Dentistry.

Interested in becoming a Coastal Kicks Soccer Sponsor**

Please Email Coastal Kicks Soccer at or call 904-240-2353 for more information. 

* help fund scholarship programs for youth

* promote your business or product

* invest in our youth

Coastal Kicks Soccer inc is a 501.c.3 non-profit